My Only Secret

Ok so I have only one secret, This has been my only secret for like 4 years. Also known as since I was 7, and I am now 11. Anyhow, I can’t believe I am admitting this!

Ok here goes…

This person here:

Is my crush!

Did I just say that out loud… nope! I said it in an ONLINE POST where EVERYONE can read it.

Yep! I really don’t care if you think I am crazy… I am!

Oh! And, one more thing! This person:

Is my other crush!!

And guess what… this one is completely out of the blue

This person:

Is my best friend’s crush.

Wow… who… whaaa???

Draco Malfoy, that’s who!

She is absolutely Ka-ray-zee!

Comment below on what you think…

Thanks for reading!

I literally am obsessing over Harry Potter so much that I screech ( in my head) whenever I see him in the movies. I am not kidding! Same with Ron…

And my friend does that same ( except out loud) when Draco shows up.

The actual pics + What I drew!!!

Ok so I just decided to try and draw characters from MMS and you know how that goes, try, try, try! Anyhow this is the picture I tried to draw:

And this is what I drew:

I think this is better than the OG one

And I tried a different one:

And I drew:

I think this is the same level of goodness as the OG one

So, ya! This is a pretty good one DYT? I think it is! Like this post… PLEEEEAAAAASE!!!!

Among us tips

#1: If you are impostor try not to make it too obvi. For instance, if you are the impostor and someone says ” (Your color) is SUPER sus!” Then don’t go ” NO I AM NOT!” That just makes you more sus because your fiercely denying it.

#2: If you don’t know what to say because you are impostor and you just killed in admin and someone calls a self report, don’t like ya know… FIERCELY DENY it.

So all the tips I can really give you are don’t fiercely deny things, it makes you seem 10 times more sus.

My Monster Secret inspired drawings

So, I tried to draw characters from my favorite Manga book; My Monster Secret, and I was horrible at first:

Then I was like: ” You know what? I can do better than that and I tried again on the same person; Shishido Shiho, 3 days later:

This is like 10 times better, right? I mean it is SUPER hard to believe that those two are 1st and 2nd draft of Shishido Shiho, but, they are!

I also tried a different character, her name is Shiragami Youko.

That was 1st draft, crazy huh!? That, to me, is probably the best one I have ever drawn!

Romeo and the heartbreak

Romeo’s Bro: Come on!
Sarah’s Sis: Ok!
Romeo: You have to slow down!
Sarah: Yeah, what he said!
Juliet: Hey! Sarah, fancy meeting you here.
Romeo: Wwwwhhhhooooaaaa!!!!!!
Sarah: Oh! Hey BFF!
Romeo: Hey, uh… Sarah can I um talk to you for a sec?
Sarah: Yeah, what’s up?
Romeo: Uh… who is that?
Sarah: Ummm…
Juliet: Um.. its ok. I-i-i’ll just go.
Romeo: No! Wait…
Juliet: Yes?
Romeo: Umm… never mind.
Juliet: Ugh! (roll eyes)
-The next day-

Sarah: Hey, Juliet. Can I talk to you for a second?
Juliet: Yeah sure, what do you need?
Sarah: Do not love Romeo he’s a player. I know you like him but don’t because I can’t have you heart broken my BFF.
Juliet: Ok? (sceptically)
Romeo: Hey, umm… meet me at the park bench!
Juliet: Me?!
Romeo: Yes, you I need to talk to you!
Juliet: Umm… Ok?
Romeo: Thanks! (leave)
Juliet: You’re welcome.
Sarah: He is going to say that he loves you.
Juliet: Yeah, sure.
Sarah: Don’t fall for his lies. Please, Juliet promise me you won’t!
Juliet: Ok, ok, I won’t!
Sarah: Promise?
Juliet: Yes! Fine.

-At the Green Box-

Romeo: You came!
Juliet: Yeah, I guess.
Romeo: Look, I just wanted to say tha-
Lily: Sister, you didn’t make me lunch.
Juliet: Lily, what are you doing here you are supposed to be with Sarah!
Lily: Well, I was hungry so I followed you.
Juliet: Sorry, Romeo. We will have to continue this conversation tomorrow.
Romeo: Oh, Ok. Bye. 😦 face
Juliet: Come on, Lily.
Lily: Ok, Sissy Juliet!

-The Next Day-

Juliet: I wonder when he’s gonna be here…
Romeo: Hey, Julee!
Juliet: Um.. Hi?
Romeo: So what I wanted to say is that I love you…
Juliet: Sorry! But I don’t like you.
Romeo: Oh, well… (kisses himself)
Juliet: I can’t do this!*fake crying(Walk sobbing into Sarah’s open arms.)
Sarah: Its Ok we don’t need boys.( wink at Romeo)
Romeo: Mmmm…Nah. (walk away)

The End

Haha, I wrote this about a year ago, weird story huh…

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