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Among Us Hacks!!!

Hi! So I just figured out some cool things in Among Us!!! I can teach you some hacks, not many… you can probably learn more on YouTube, but I can teach you like… 5 hacks!

#1: If you like being impostor, this one’s for you! So, you know how when you join a room, you can customize your color and stuff? Yeah, so, if you stand on the other side of the room from the laptop and you spam the use button, you can almost always become impostor!

#2: Another one for impostor lovers; if you spam the colors that you can and then land on ta random one until the game starts, you can also be impostor. This on is not as guaranteed as the first on, but it sometimes works.

#3: If you have medbay scan and you are a ghost, use and then exit (Or if you play on a computer press use then esc) over and over again, you can actually delay the game and you can do the scan while you are dead and moving! So you can like walk around to ship and still be scanned so you are sorta hacking and then the imp might come and chase you!! LOL, easy plan for revealing the impostor!!

#4: Another one comes when you are a crewmate. Have you ever tried playing freeplay? It is actually really fun. Everyone is a “Dummy” and they are all named Dummy 1-5 it is funny. ow if they vote you out, you can actually come back alive by going to the laptop on the table that is to the upper left of the emergency meeting button. Technically, the Dummies don’t move… ANYWHERE. So, back to the subject, if you go to that laptop, you click on it there will be a bunch of different documents, if you click on the red on called Be_the_impostor, you will come back to life as the impostor, then, kill them all! You have to find them. They don’t moved they are all in different rooms. You can literally vent in front of them and they won’t do a thing!

#5: How to vent as crewmate: This one is also a freeplay one. So you have to do the laptop thing and be impostor, then you know how you can sabotage? Sabotage O2 and as soon as the clock gets to 1, vent. Then, the little message that says “Normally the impostor would have won blah, blah…” will pop up so, exit it and go to the laptop (while in the vent) and uncheck the impostor document… there you are! A crewmate in the vent!

Hope you enjoyed! If you can’t seem to figure out one of these hacks, contact me @! Thanks!


Well, that was fast!

So, you know how YESTERDAY I posted that I got 20 likes on Good Anime That I like? Well, I look again and:

Crazy right? Well, I gtg, hope to get more likes by tomorrow! My new goal is 100 likes by the end of this week!!

PLEEAAAASSEE help me get there!! Oh! And I need 20 followers… or more, by the end of this month!! Then I will do something cool! Like more anime suggestions or more drawing plus actual pics!! THX!!

Yay!! 15 followers!

I finally have 15 followers! Finally!

I have been waiting!

For those of you who don’t have 15 followers yet, it’s ok!! YOu’ll get there!

For those of you who have more than 15… YOU ARE AAAWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMEE!!I wanna be like you someday… how do you do it??

Especially, my favorite blogger, Chocoviv, How did you do it? How did you get so many awards and likes and followers? PPPLLLEEEAAASSSE tell me!!

( This is a pic from a while ago… like a week)

It’s BEAUTIFUL!! To me, at least… Lol!! Yolo, peace fellow bloggers! Coolcatlover808 out!

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My Only Secret

Ok so I have only one secret, This has been my only secret for like 4 years. Also known as since I was 7, and I am now 11. Anyhow, I can’t believe I am admitting this!

Ok here goes…

This person here:

Is my crush!

Did I just say that out loud… nope! I said it in an ONLINE POST where EVERYONE can read it.

Yep! I really don’t care if you think I am crazy… I am!

Oh! And, one more thing! This person:

Is my other crush!!

And guess what… this one is completely out of the blue

This person:

Is my best friend’s crush.

Wow… who… whaaa???

Draco Malfoy, that’s who!

She is absolutely Ka-ray-zee!

Comment below on what you think…

Thanks for reading!

I literally am obsessing over Harry Potter so much that I screech ( in my head) whenever I see him in the movies. I am not kidding! Same with Ron…

And my friend does that same ( except out loud) when Draco shows up.

The actual pics + What I drew!!!

Ok so I just decided to try and draw characters from MMS and you know how that goes, try, try, try! Anyhow this is the picture I tried to draw:

And this is what I drew:

I think this is better than the OG one

And I tried a different one:

And I drew:

I think this is the same level of goodness as the OG one

So, ya! This is a pretty good one DYT? I think it is! Like this post… PLEEEEAAAAASE!!!!

Among us tips

#1: If you are impostor try not to make it too obvi. For instance, if you are the impostor and someone says ” (Your color) is SUPER sus!” Then don’t go ” NO I AM NOT!” That just makes you more sus because your fiercely denying it.

#2: If you don’t know what to say because you are impostor and you just killed in admin and someone calls a self report, don’t like ya know… FIERCELY DENY it.

So all the tips I can really give you are don’t fiercely deny things, it makes you seem 10 times more sus.

My Monster Secret inspired drawings

So, I tried to draw characters from my favorite Manga book; My Monster Secret, and I was horrible at first:

Then I was like: ” You know what? I can do better than that and I tried again on the same person; Shishido Shiho, 3 days later:

This is like 10 times better, right? I mean it is SUPER hard to believe that those two are 1st and 2nd draft of Shishido Shiho, but, they are!

I also tried a different character, her name is Shiragami Youko.

That was 1st draft, crazy huh!? That, to me, is probably the best one I have ever drawn!

Romeo and the heartbreak

Romeo’s Bro: Come on!
Sarah’s Sis: Ok!
Romeo: You have to slow down!
Sarah: Yeah, what he said!
Juliet: Hey! Sarah, fancy meeting you here.
Romeo: Wwwwhhhhooooaaaa!!!!!!
Sarah: Oh! Hey BFF!
Romeo: Hey, uh… Sarah can I um talk to you for a sec?
Sarah: Yeah, what’s up?
Romeo: Uh… who is that?
Sarah: Ummm…
Juliet: Um.. its ok. I-i-i’ll just go.
Romeo: No! Wait…
Juliet: Yes?
Romeo: Umm… never mind.
Juliet: Ugh! (roll eyes)
-The next day-

Sarah: Hey, Juliet. Can I talk to you for a second?
Juliet: Yeah sure, what do you need?
Sarah: Do not love Romeo he’s a player. I know you like him but don’t because I can’t have you heart broken my BFF.
Juliet: Ok? (sceptically)
Romeo: Hey, umm… meet me at the park bench!
Juliet: Me?!
Romeo: Yes, you I need to talk to you!
Juliet: Umm… Ok?
Romeo: Thanks! (leave)
Juliet: You’re welcome.
Sarah: He is going to say that he loves you.
Juliet: Yeah, sure.
Sarah: Don’t fall for his lies. Please, Juliet promise me you won’t!
Juliet: Ok, ok, I won’t!
Sarah: Promise?
Juliet: Yes! Fine.

-At the Green Box-

Romeo: You came!
Juliet: Yeah, I guess.
Romeo: Look, I just wanted to say tha-
Lily: Sister, you didn’t make me lunch.
Juliet: Lily, what are you doing here you are supposed to be with Sarah!
Lily: Well, I was hungry so I followed you.
Juliet: Sorry, Romeo. We will have to continue this conversation tomorrow.
Romeo: Oh, Ok. Bye. 😦 face
Juliet: Come on, Lily.
Lily: Ok, Sissy Juliet!

-The Next Day-

Juliet: I wonder when he’s gonna be here…
Romeo: Hey, Julee!
Juliet: Um.. Hi?
Romeo: So what I wanted to say is that I love you…
Juliet: Sorry! But I don’t like you.
Romeo: Oh, well… (kisses himself)
Juliet: I can’t do this!*fake crying(Walk sobbing into Sarah’s open arms.)
Sarah: Its Ok we don’t need boys.( wink at Romeo)
Romeo: Mmmm…Nah. (walk away)

The End

Haha, I wrote this about a year ago, weird story huh…